Friday, June 03, 2005

Hey There Astrology Classmates!

I told ya I give y'all a shout out — Viv, Kim, Louise, Mia, Elizabeth and Ms. Heidi!

Heidi Rose BTW, here's a picture of of our dear Esoteric Astrologist herself, Heidi Rose, after her "The Alchemy of the Heart" talk last month. (You look MAH-VELOUS, dahlink!) Anyone out there in the blogsphere want an insightful, supportive esoteric astrological reading (in person or the phone) Heidi is the person for you (we all ALREADY know how fab she is)!

So, gals, after class, I was way too wired to go home to face the computer work (missed ya, Viv)... so off to the bookstore I went to buy The Alchemist. It's been on my mind lately... I'd read it before, but quickly and don't remember much. But for some reason, I think Sergio Mora ("The Contender") said he read it and boom, there I am in Barnes and Noble.

Grabbed it at 11PM and off to the coffee shop I went, highlighter in hand and munching on zucchini sticks until 2:25 AM... what a great read it was again, especially about one's own Personal Legend! And now I know I won't forget it... there was so much talk of the HEART, which is what Heidi talks about in her talk... hell, I didn't even realize people even COULD be full of HEART until I saw The Contender, when these rough-housing, full out boxers talked about each other having a lot of HEART. Soften the heart, listen to, strenghen it... Ahhhhhhhhhhh What does it all mean?!?!

AndrewGuess I'll find out at her workshop on the 11th. Can't wait.

Oh, BTW, fellow bloggers and classmates, take a gander over at THIS GUY'S blog! It's Heidi's husband, Andrew and his Triathlon Journal. He just put up his journal which is a great read -- send him a comment or two to encourage him to get back on the blog!

[Oh, and you can leave me one too :) See ya Monday!]