Saturday, May 28, 2005

Wake up!

It's 4:49 am and I just got up 10 minutes ago.

There's a message on my email from someone who's website has been the hardest one for me to complete and I don't know why. It's awful. I can't even open her mail right now because I feel so awful/terrible/guilty -- all of those things. I feel like it's going to kill me.

I do have note that for the last 12 hours I've been dreaming about Ilia and Katia and the Krew and all kinds of personal things, my brother gettiing his first communion/graduation (you know how these things get combined in dreams) and Peter Manfredo Jr.

Big, huge people and big, huge events and I feel about 2" high because of ONE WEBSITE. Oh god.

Let me open it now and I'll be back.