Thursday, May 12, 2005

Nero and his Pops

Cesar and his dogs

OOH, that scrumptious little ball of short-legged fur! (he's half Corgi and half German Shepherd)

Cesar and his dogs

Them legs are never gonna get longer, but they sure are gonna be as cute!

I'm living vicariously now through other people's dogs since Yvette died March 26. Oh, I just counted forty days since then (May 5) — so it's okay now to let her spirit "go."

So, as in the movie musical "Damn Yankees" -- "Goodbye Old Girl!" Bye, my sweet Yvette... I know you and Tyler are up there hanging out waiting for me at that Rainbow Bridge — don't worry, I'll be along soon enough :)

Although it been 15 years that I've been used to having one or both of them greeting me happily when I got home, I'm actually getting used to being a dogless family now. I do have to admit it's hard to get me out to take a walk, or do something in the sun or in nature unless I really set myself up for it (you know like park far away from where I'm supposed to be), so I have to incorporate more purposeful walking in my day again.

And I really miss my midnight (or 4:30 am) walks. The world is weird at that hour, and magical at the same time... I especially miss Yvette at night. While I'm on the computer she'd always be near my feet or under the desk and I'd scrunch her all up with my toes... hehehe hairy furball. Every now and then I'll kick a shoe I forgot I left under there and instantly my body would go, "Yvet—"... and then I'd remember. THAT will always sting a little. I miss my old girl.

But it's not time for me yet to get another poochie. I'm gonna enjoy this time without the commitment and wait til I can get a bigger place and maybe a man to go in it too. :)

In the meantime, I'm happy to be Auntie Madley to all my friends' beasts... including baby Nero.