Monday, May 30, 2005

Happy Vivian Day!

Viv's B'day

I forgot to post these on Friday, her real birthday. Isn't this a happy picture? I took this a few months ago. Gave her a 5x7 in an big frame/mat so she could put it her new apartment in July. She should have lots and lots of happy pictures of herself in her house (unlike sus padres, there are more pictures of los perros than of las niñas... muy triste).

La FondaWe had a lovely meal at a very traditional Mexican restaurant near MacArthur Park (scary) called La Fonda where these guys (there were about eight of them) played beautifully all night. I only knew one song — "It's Impossible" by Perry Como which they did in Spanish and it almost made me cry it was so damn romantic. Want a way to my heart? Serenade me!

I also had my first taste of mole which I think is a peanut/chocolate sauce — I've wanted to try this since Like Water for Chocolate and Chocolat! Who knew chocolate came from Mexico? I didn't! And this mole stuff was pretty darn tasty... I just don't like dry chicken breasts (oops). Can't wait to try it again.

Another fun part was playing in front of the restaurant with her friend Mando's homemade hula hoop (bigger and heavier — how old am I, I didn't know they did aerobic hula hoop classes nowadays!) . We were all crazy enough to try it — and the other Viv was terrific, just a sexy little mama hooping her way all night!

Then we went to House of Pies on Franklin for dessert -- can't beat splitting well-done french fries with ketchup and mayo with old-fashioned blueberry cheesecake... god, I'm exploding right now as I type.

But it was a happy MILESTONE ;) b'day for Missy... only great things ahead for you!