Sunday, May 29, 2005

Meeting Sergio — from Peru

Wow, amazing how a night can be so full and you've never even left your computer. Actually, it's nights like these I wish I had one of my pupsters around -- I NEED TO TAKE A WALK!

Just met I nice fellow on line through yahoo messenger... I don't usually answer IMs of folks I don't know anymore, but today I did. Ends up the guy lives in my town, on my street! So I'm flippin' out, thinking no way this is true... he tells me his name is Sergio and then for sure I'm thinking it's my friend L, who I watch The Contender with playing with me because of the winner, SERGIO MORA (see entry a couple of days ago). Come on now, how many SERGIOS are you gonna meet in one lifetime?!

But Sergio the Sound Editor is a nice-sounding fellow... and makes me laugh! The last thing I told him was that I miss my dogs, especially since I loved to take night walks... and he said I go to the corner and could walk him instead. HAHAHAHAH That cracked me up.

Nice evening. :) Now on to more website work...