Monday, May 30, 2005

Steak and Green Beans

BullVenusI usually HATE Sunday/Monday holiday nights... those in my head should be/are usually spent with family and well, for today, I don't have one of my own yet.

I wasn't sure I had a dinner date with a friend, then I got really busy on the computer... but heck, I wasn't gonna feel sorry for myself.

Broiled a steak marinaded w/ soy sauce, salt/pepper and orange juice (YUM!), green beans with a little butte, and a tiny little baguette. And I actually sat down and ate it, listening to my favorite Wicked soundtrack. Yes, I coulda passed on the little piece of bread/carb — it would have been a beautiful Overeaters Anonymous H.O.W. meal... but oh, poor me, I'm not on it anymore! HAHAH Only thing really missing was the steamed rice to soak up all the sauce...

Ben and Jerry's Phish Food later, when the tummy empties. Got some writing to do... take care of myself tonight...

No take it back. I'm feeling Wicked. Mean ugly, Wicked. I guess I'm angry, hurt... I'm sure I'll write about it someday or it'll be the good punchline of a joke. Not now.