Friday, April 22, 2005

Sacred Writing Time

Oh for Pete's sake, I was the one who brought up the stupid phrase "Sacred Writing Time" in class yesterday -- that I didn't have trouble writing as long as sat my ass down at the computer with the intention to do it. I could futz around writing for way more than just the hour I'm allotting. (Thank god for blogging... kinda got me in the habit.)

So Teach called me on it! Darn her. I'm supposed to email her -- HER, not even a class buddy -- four Sacred Writing Times and keep those appointments. Ooh, I'm in trouble. Doesn't she know I'm pretty SHITTY at making/keeping/appointments?! AARGH.

Well, okay, I'll try it with the word SACRED. Hrrrmmph... if I just take a breath... That's pretty sobering. Out comes my calendar...

EEE GADS. Now I have to schedule my sleep time too? Oh boy, not good for a Vampiress.

Oh shit, if Madonna could do three hours in the morning, so can I. No, no... two... at 11:00 am Saturday, Sunday and Monday, then I have class Monday afternoon. Okay. DONE.

(Scary. And isn't that word -- scary -- close to SACRED. Interesting.)