Wednesday, April 13, 2005

"Fever Pitch"

Okay, so I'm not QUITE back to normal... or maybe this IS normal for me... I woke up at 4:30 pm, hung on to the computer for a few hours and took myself to see this movie. Sweet film (I'll see Drew Barrymore in anything, and Jimmy Fallon is just as dear and crazy as Adam Sandler -- and yes, I know fans -- er, FANATICS, having been one myself, many, many times. You DO realize I live in Los Angeles, right?!?!

There's a bit of news though: I did quit the part-time/hardly any time assistant job I was doing in Hollywood where I got my car towed for having my tail end in someone else's driveway. I'm so glad I took action... it was killing me to have a real secretarial/asst responsibility to someone again. I'm never going to do that again. Ever. I can swallow it for a week on a temp job -- but not like that! She liked me a lot and is a lovely woman... but it's not me anymore. Like trying to stuff my size 10 feet in a 5.5 Cinderella slipper -- IT DIDN'T FIT. At least I didn't have to hit my head over it. :)

And now for the big trick: It's 11:52 PM by my PC clock -- and I'm gonna stare at my computer's blank screen and WRITE SOMETHING for an hour. I'll be back to report that I did... "bookending as life coach"! hehehe