Saturday, April 23, 2005

Full o' Poop

So much for Sacred Writing Time -- slept right through it. Twelve hours of much needed sleep -- and the ole bod is aching because of it. And now, for more "other people stuff" (babysitting tonight) instead of taking care of me. Oh g-d (that's for the Passover folks), I'm really LOADED with it...

I did have some douzy dreams though (much to "sacred" -- ha, more like x-rated) last night, and I also dreamed Jack climbed into bed with me and gave me hug. I remember at the time wondering is this real or is he in a dream... it's such a nice hug... and it wouldn't be that much of the ordinary since he still comes by after work about 7:30 am to use the computer (which is really a-okay with me, unless I'm on it for a deadline, as was the case yesterday). And yes, yes, those who've followed the saga, Jack's still around :)

But what's weird was I couldn't TELL if it was a dream or not, and that's never happened before. The pillow was in the computer seat and the volume was turned off on the speakers this morning (the tell-tale signs of his presence), but I guess I'm just gonna have to ask him. And he'll tell me the truth... he's like that, you know.

I'm either going nuts or my conscious and unconscious worlds a becoming one big mush pot.