Thursday, September 29, 2005

John Fugelsang -- NOT "my bad"

[First guy I've ever heard address the phrase "my bad" -- I HATE that phrase, and thank goodness he rolled his eyeballs at that one. I DON'T GET IT...what kind of crappy English is that?!]

John Fugelsang Guess my unconscious self got mixed up -- it replaced John Fugelsang with his America's Top Home Video's predecessor, Bob Saget. I KNEW I should've been making out with Fugelsang instead...

Just happened to catch tickets with my writing teacher to see his show tonight, surprising my brother, who happened to be in town on business. It was a good night, and poor Mickey, didn't see it coming -- welcome to my world! I've never told my family about my writing/performance class, and here he is at a cabaret in West Hollywood surrounded by all of us artist types. But knowing my engineer bro, I don't think he felt too out of his element -- after all, he once was an award-winning drummer!

Fugelsang was terrifc (and quite hot in longer hair and jeans -- and a shirt too). I loved the storytelling part because that's what I saw him in first (yeah, remember THAT EARLIER POST). He can tell a story with the best of them... and after enjoying full out characters like that... I didn't want to hear stand up. Set-up/joke, wet-up/joke, set-up/joke... bleech.

I wanna see the guy who's done Hamlet.

Anyhoo, it was a fun night. I could see his wife behind him -- she was enjoying it a lot too -- which is great to see in this town (as opposed to a spouse who's bored to death). I toyed with sending him an "appreciation email" via my teacher (okay, a FAN LETTER), but thought differently when I remembered I was ON STAGE with this guy and we met under different circumstances. You know, we were fellow performers?! [Got to get out of this "fan" mindset...okay, done.]

So maybe he'll find this if he googles himself. ;) John -- great show!