Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Better Luck Tomorrow

Better Luck TomorrowYou were right, Winston. I didn't regret this one bit.

I finally saw the movie this weekend in the middle of the night on cable at L's house because I had gone stir-crazy at during my self-imposed hibernation. (When am I going to learn I'm not a frickin' introvert and I'm one of those people who need people? ARGH. 'Just keep taking your Lexapro, darlin' Madley, and all will be well and not as wanna-jump-out-of-your-skin bad when Catheryn rescued you this morning.')

Han This movie. Better Luck Tomorrow. Loved it. Visually, narratively, and of course, that it was set in upper middle class suburban straight-A Asian kids who go criminally wrong inspite of themselves. LOVED IT. Have no inspired by seeing faces like mine on screen, beyond tokenism. Kudos to director, Justin Lin. And I loved this shot where "Han" presents a few bill bribe to a liquor store clerk for along with the fake ID of a black man as he's carded. I don't know why, but that made me howl and the guy seem like a cowboy/god/testosterone vehicle. Wow.

beachAnd have found a new website and blog by the lead, Parry Shen. After being asked by so many young Asian Americans "how to get in the business," he chronicles his quite legit acting career in Hollywood for them, paving the way. Maybe someday Adrian Brody will be sneaking a kiss with an Asian artist at the Oscars because Parry's willing to be so forthright, funny and honest. Thanks for that, Parry.

And guess what? Donny Osmond is at the end of Parry's demo reel, I kid you not! I'm a Happy Gel.