Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Donny O. and Catheryn J.


Who knew it would take a newsletter photo of a piano-playing and singing Donny Osmond to inspire me to FINALLY put my midi cables back into my piano so I can "hyperscribe" as I compose?

CJNever underestimate the power of the first celebrity crush. Thanks Donny O.

And not to be outdone by a grandfatherly Mormon singer, dear, dearest friend Catheryn June dragged me into the greenery of Brand Park and talked me back into my insane self, fed me delicious picnic food and had tons left over energy to be an absolute HIT at Word-O-Rama in Hollywood tonight! YAY! YAY! The woman is a comic genius, and more importantly has both a great big mushy and fiercely passionate heart in there too. So her stories are truly alive, real, hilarious and tender. Think Sally Field in Sybil -- this gal is the tops. Mark my words.