Tuesday, March 08, 2005

You're right, Allie...

...they care about ME, not my house!

RCKG Girls

I didn't get a whole lot done after I hurt my back... so I just swallowed it and made myself BREATHE. These gals are healers, after all, right?!

Heidi came first with a big beautiful bouquet of roses and gerber daisies that were pink and purple and the color of her website because she was so proud of me! I only had two chairs set up because the living room wasn't done, so she sat at my desk and started looking around...

And I realized "Hey, it's kinda nice to show people things I have in my house!" I've got to remember that -- I'd forgotten!

The two Vivs were stuck in LA Marathon traffic, but when they got here, I guess Yvette went into shock with all the activity in "her" house, she proceeded to leave two little "presents" at the front door just to greet them! Dear old Yvette.

Well, what I realized with these lovely ladies is -- this is a frickin' process, and them coming over was just a first step. So next time is someone else's turn, and I hope it'll come back to me and I can let them into my bedroom and bathroom!

Then my plan: we drove to Starbucks down the street and had our meeting there, snacks and coffee on me. That's where we took the above picture.

Now, it's take it easy time... until this back gets better.

Thanks everyone for your good wishes... I'm so glad I barreled through that... and kitchen still looks great, I'm even cooking (quickly) in it tonight! :)