Thursday, March 10, 2005

Nostaligic about Iliushka

I'm about to go into an online Board of Trustees meeting for Kulik's Krew, Ilia Kulik's Official Fan Club.

(Yes, we take this very seriously, so don't get started with me.)

This is the beginning of our 7th year with him... last weekend was the yearly breakfast/brunch/lunch (whatever he can make) with us on the east coast, and our members were quite pleased. He's so nice to have them, and he never forgets his Krew.

I've since taken a minor role in the club, but since I was there from the beginning, I'm waxing a bit nostalgic. So here are a couple more photos...

In San Diego
This is the first time I ever meet him, back stage at the San Diego Champions On Ice show, 1998. He had a picture of me and my dogs (!) so we could find each other (we'd been emailing/phoning already, arranging for the big LA party in his honor the next week).

In Anaheim
A week later at the Anaheim show. I just got into the habit of kissing Olympian figure skaters, I guess (more on that later)!

In Marlboro
Two months later in Marlboro, Massachusetts we have another shindig for him after a benefit he does in his former US hometown. What a great smile -- a "real" happy smile :)

Okay, can't resist:
Silly me, silly Philippe at Ilia's party in LA. Can't resist the French -- c'est impossible!

Oops, now I'm late for the meeting... Poka!