Saturday, March 12, 2005

The Contender -- OMG

The Contender

OF COURSE, I had to watch all the video clips of it on there's lots more "exclusive" and extended clips than The Apprentice! (WHY do I know that?!) Whoever thought to put this show on after The Donald last night was a genius.

First of all, they had a one of the exclusive clips of Jonathan (the black guy from the East) and his wife and her having her baby a couple days later -- they had a baby girl (I think they have 4 girls now and 1 boy). He told his little baby that he was now going to go downstairs and take a picture with a shotgun so he could show that picture to the boys that take her out that they better bring her back just the way she left... it was so cute!

I also didn't know that he was incarcerated for armed robbery for two and half years, and that's when he changed his life around. What a guy, I can see him becoming a preacher after all this.

And Jesse (the white guy from the West) -- he's just a country boy. So humble, it really was refreshing!

The coolest thing, Jesse and Jonathan actually liked each other -- goofing around before the fight and they had a lot of respect for each other -- also great to see. Jesse is such a good, good guy... but the funniest thing is an extended thing when they were eating with George Foreman -- George asked if any of them had kids. Jesse said he had two babies, but he didn't marry the mama -- he said, "Why fix what's not broke?"

To which George said, "You know I'm a preacher, I'm a Reverend and I've done lots of weddings. So when you get ready to marry her, you just call me up and I'll do it -- I'LL TIE THAT KNOT SO TIGHT..." LOL!!!

But you know what they didn't show on air? Jonathan, who lost, said Jesse came into the locker room right afterwards and although he didn't need to -- he gave Jonathan Reid and his family HALF of his purse that night. "He didn't have to do that." Jonathan was really moved.

Man, I am so hooked on this show. Mlle. L, next one's this Sunday, at 8pm. You might have company that night :)