Friday, March 18, 2005

A Burbank Sunset and An Enneagram Three

Castaways at sunset

I had a lovely tea yesterday -- the teeny sandwiches were delicious and they had Earl Grey decaf... I was in heaven as I browsed a book there about... Having Tea.

I finally got relaxed but was too ancy go home (read: still a bit not in my skin; read: hungover) -- so I took a little drive to the highest point of Burbank to the Castaways restaurant parking lot. And as my friend R does because Viggo M says: "Shoot into the light and see what comes out." (Okay, R, maybe I paraphrased a bit!) But I'm so pleased with my first experimental digital picture!

Realized then that I was ancy because I was doing any of my OWN work... music or writing or anything. Need to do that after (hand class) this weekend. Seriously. If I'm really an Artist... I'm rotting right now...

Speaking of rot, all this week I've been trying to chase down some Enneagram THREEs ("The Achiever") for our panel this weekend. The one good lead I got from my previous Enneagram teacher and another good friend from class -- she was a student and even a teacher of The Enneagram. She finally responded to my careful request -- no greeting, no salutation:

I'm not interested in participating in your group.

YIKES! That was rough and cold. I winced -- but I'm not surprised. She's a THREE after all.

Go ahead and take the free, five minute QUEST Test at the Enneagram Institute and which you are (more important is the NUMBER, not the NAME):

1 = The Perfectionist
2 = The Helper
3 = The Achiever
4 = The Individualist
5 = The Investigator
6 = The Loyalist
7 = The Enthusiast
8 = The Challenger
9 = The Peacemaker

Lemme know your number...