Thursday, November 10, 2005

A Memorial for Claudia's La Rue

I was so priviledged to accompany Claudia last October 24, when she had to put poor ailing La Rue down. Anita and I went with her to the vet, but she went in with La Rue alone. It was just so awful for her, and a sad, sad day. But La Rue that morning could not bear even being petted, and finally, Claudia knew the day had come.

Sunday, she celebrated La Rue with her friends and planted her ashes in a beautiful potted camellia tree.

Some of La Rue's friends: Patric, Anita, Claudia, Kathy, Viv, Tracy, Madley.

A photo of La Rue.

Randy and DeCarla came by later (I love this picture, thank you very much!)

And after a walk...look what odd sculptures one can find in Los Angeles!

More photos of the memorial are HERE.

Blessings to you, La Rue.