Friday, November 18, 2005

I Move On (A great Chicago hit)

The Universe says MOVE, dammit -- and you move.

Jack found out today my three-unit apartment building has been sold, but they won't close until the first of the year. Hmmm. His realtor gave him good figures if he still wanted to make an offer, but he got discouraged...and then found out he was "let go" of his current security post and now has to interview again on Monday. That sucks. But I guess the Universe is telling HIM something also.

Hopefully there's a little time... I need to get my wits about me. Everything is ending right now and unstable! (And my car's even in the brochure... No, NOT my car, thank you.)

I did find out Saturn is in Leo in my 7th house... relationships -- all relationships, but mostly "partner" relationships are going to be real now, out in the world, not dreamy-landy...well something like that. Peeling away layers, keeping what's good, leaving what's excess.

And so it is.