Friday, November 18, 2005


WOO HOO! I love my hair in a bob, and this one's got long shaggy layers underneath (that you can't see). Lookie, R, I got a bob again! Tell me you love it!

Nice poundage lost after a month at the gym... and lost a ton at the salon! I couldn't help myself, my hair looked so BAD... and then of course I walk by and it says "Women's Haircuts start at $14.99."

I'm no dummy, I know that means we'll bargain... so of course I pulled out my "living as a student and poor" story that really is no story, and the lovely Armenian Rosa gave me a good deal. I said no blow dry, but hell when you're in the chair, it's hard to say no. So I'm happy. It's so funny, I would've hauled out the scissors myself if I didn't already know from EXPERIENCE it never ends well.

Felt good though... at least it wasn't SUPERCUTS where they nickel and dime you to death. This from a woman who used to go to Alex Roldan at the Bel Age Hotel on Sunset in Beverly Hills, or with Salazar wherever he would end up. I LOVE SPENDING OODLES OF MONEY IN SALONS! But only when you have real money to spend. My money is not my own right now.

But I think I'll treat myself once a month to a little something. She of course said she'd give me a deal on microdermabrasion... hell, it made my one girlfriend look TONS younger and softer... what the hey, why grow older and uglier?

Got to make some real money again. This feels too good.