Tuesday, January 29, 2008

First Day of School

Not quite as anxiety-ridden as kindergarten but I was just a bit nervous today, especially with all these car woes. Yet I made it to the Composers Symposium in good time... AND I LIVED! And may actually be thriving (don't tell anybody!)...

I'm in there with four confident seniors -- and I don't mean almost senior CITIZENS comme moi -- and it's really quite refreshing. We're in there to woodshed music, share resources/personnel, get our various "chores" done for each of our recitals -- all together so we don't burn out the Composition professor!

Although Mason and Tyler have chamber orchestra pieces, I'm still the one who with the biggest ensemble, so I'm a bit nervous about that. At least we're going to share rehearsal dates when we get this ad hoc orchestra together -- such a great idea. I'm going to use Oxy/Cal Tech students whenever I can for all the non-musical theater music... and then I'm going to bring in the pros :)
BTW, it's final:

Sunday, April 20 @ 2 pm
A lovely Sunday afternoon recital AND I'M DONE!

Funny, as of last year they got rid of the senior comprehensives TESTING -- I can hardly believe it. But we all have to write thesis papers -- even if you're having a recital -- geez, when did I last write a 10-12 paper?!? And this has to get done first: our mission statement/"constitution" as it were.

It's cool. I can roll with the punches. It all actually feels like a wonderful adventure and I haven't felt this proud of myself in a long time...

PS. I'm looking for an excellent percussionist (who can also solo on marimba)... know anyone please? AJ? :)