Thursday, January 03, 2008

10,000 Steps

The only toy I bought myself (other than a lovely Greek dinner and a long-needed oil change) for the new year was this: a $12.99 pedometer from Target.

I guess you could call it my low-tech version of exercise. No machines, no trainer, just an information device -- clip it on and away I go, right? See where I am and see just slowly and logically see check out those 10,000 steps everyone's always talking about.

Well, in the four days I've had this thing on me non-stop, I've never gotten above 2,500 steps. YIKES! Now that's LAZY -- and it includes all the dog walking I'm doing with Nero here in Hollywood this week. Geez -- it looks like all I'm doing is walking up and down Franklin (his toilet) and walking back and forth to mine. Hm... and this week my back has even bothered me a little.

I need new workout shoes, I know that's part of the problem. But for once, I'm not worry about it. My appetite weirded out when I was up north with the folks (depression? bad cough? too much Filipino breakfast food?), I kind of like the small amounts per sitting I'm eating. Like Andrew, the Dynamic Fitness guy (and my former trainer says), small meals/more often feels better.

So we'll just make sure I increase the step account a tiny bit at a time, and get up to 10,000. I'll never be obsessed about moving around, but I can get better... I want to get back into my skin, this year. For real.


Edited 4:54 am

Just saw Kenneth Branagh a minute in ago in a scene from the TV movie Warm Springs where he's playing the Franklin Roosevelt after he contracted polio and couldn't walk. He was doing his physical therapy with a therapist in the pool and nearly jumped out of skin with joy when he got to five -- count 'em FIVE! -- steps.

I immediately needed to mention here that I AM GRATEFUL, dear God, GRATEFUL for those 2,500 steps I've taken each of my few days. And I'm humbled.