Saturday, January 05, 2008

Carson Kressley, MY HERO

How to Look Good Naked
I went into this show with my fists clenched, ready to BARF at the premise... After all, I was the "non-believing friend, 'Kathleen'" that Trainer Andrew wrote about who hated the Dove ads and the all this "real woman beauty." "BULLSHIT!" was my response to all that. I'd also done a "makeover show" in 1983 on national and had a lot of feelings and opinions about that INCREDIBLE and INCREDIBLY MISERABLE experience... so my guns were out.

But I loved it. And guess what, I actually was listening... eyes welled up, but not overly emotional -- and that's a real change for me!

Carson Kressley was the BESTEST HOST EVER, her was fantastic -- funny, caring, knowledgable, non-threatening, sympathetic and strong. He even picked Layla, the woman he was helping up and spun her around -- NO WAY! I don't remember one time in my life I've ever been PICKED UP... even as a kid, because I was the one picking everyone else up and swinging THEM around... jeez, weren't there any adults who could pick ME up? But I digress.

Carson is the best. "Don't cry... well, you could cry... why are you crying?" And he was so full of honest answers, full compliments, and huge hugs ("Oh my god, are you trying to steal my wallet?") -- I wish I could take him home with me...

Apparently this show came from the UK, so they really had the opportunity to perfect the show and gear it exactly to Carson's strengths... we trusted him on Queer Eye for the Straight Guy, and we really do here. I think the problem with Tim Gunn's show was that they were trying to make it all about Tim Gunn and not really about the ladies... and Tim's not like that! This Layla woman -- I will never forget her and her willingness to love herself...

Finally... the best "makeover" show ever, where we get to see the process of change, not just these frickin' before/after pictures.

Go watch it online. CLICK HERE. Tell me what you think... PLEASE!

Now I'm off to my walk -- and I think I'm gonna buy a little something beautiful. :)