Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Skating, Family-Style

Kulik-GordeevaMy skating girlfriends couldn't wait for me to see "Kristi Yamaguchi's Family and Friends" special and one of them sent me a tape.

"Get ready to laugh!" she said on the post-it in the package.

It was lovely to see Ilia with his family, as well Katia skating (pairs) with Daria. That will always be a heart-ringer, that pair... she's beginning to look like her mom did when she started competing and winning... and of course, she's the spitting image of her dad.

And Ilia...he's got a clone in her daughter. What a character she is.

I didn't laugh though... I just cried. All these kids, the skaters I grew up with...and spouses, their babies. It was so very heartfelt and warm...

All I could feel was "Why didn't this happen to me?"