Friday, January 20, 2006


I didn't think it'd happen to me... but it has:

I have to "edit myself" (including entire posts) from my blog. Apparently too many people "can get hurt" from me havin' my own damn feelings... so I'm just going to go underground with an anonymous blog and leave the "nicer toned" things here.

Don't worry: in a few posts, you won't remember there was any kind of change at all.

It infuriates me that I feel I have to censor myself like this... it really does. And I have loved my blog. Yet at the same time, I'm certainly not at a point in my own development where I can just tell people to FUCK OFF and mind their own business, or that whatever MY truth is is MINE even if they're in it, and if they have a DIFFERENT truth, then they can go WRITE their OWN BLOG.

Maybe when I'm 110 and folks have already rotted in Hell I will have cojones enough for that to be me. Maybe.

But until then, I've gone deep into hiding. The Public Me will be pleasant, perky, and personable.

Have a good night. :)