Thursday, June 24, 2004

"Popular" and a Wicked makeover

It's 2-1/2 hours later and I'm still at it, semi-believing in this "blog" thing. I forgot that last night I was at the official sites of Idina Menzel and Brian Stokes Mitchell and I really loved getting the personality of the performer by reading their own typed thoughts. So here I am, hoping I have a personality worth reading about...

And that reminds me: I can't get that song "Popular" out of my head! It's from Wicked: The New Broadway Musical which I wish I could get out to see before Idina (Elphaba) and Kristin Chenoweth (Glinda) leave this summer. (And there will be no spoilers here -- though there IS someone who graciously spilled the beans on the net.) Oh, to be in Hell's Kitchen again... I really love New York.

(BTW, I cannot STAND how people use the word "wicked" as an adverb (common to those in the New England, as in "He was wicked hilarious!" Makes me nuts.)

I guess the Wicked part of me is the one who relates to Glinda who does a "makeover" on her green roommate/friend to help her be "popular" like her -- good God, I used to do that at college all the time! Our weekly dorm newsletter would say: "If you have time this weekend: (1) Get your Before picture taken by SS (me) and JJ (my photographer friend); (2) get your hair cut and makeup and wardrobe done by SS; then (3) get your After picture taken by the team again!"

Geezo, that sounds pretty arrogant -- who am I to think I could make people over like that?

Hrmmfff... well, I was kinda good at it. Years later as a color consultant, I even got paid for it. And between that -- well, the most incredible wish came true for a lifetime Chubby Chick: I got on to be the first Lifestyle makeover on a health and fitness show in 1984 -- WAY before all this Extreme Makeover baloney... ah well, maybe not so wicked after all! Just making the world a prettier place, one hairy 70s college student at a time. And another topic of discussion I'm sure... that whole TV experience was... what I needed then. I will be sure to rail later.