Friday, June 25, 2004

Mad Mad

UGH. I hate when I say I'll do something because I think I should or it's the "right" thing to do, when all along I should've said NO from the very beginning.

And I just booted Jack out of the house. The nerve of him. "I've been calling you all day but you haven't picked up." (I was asleep.) "Let's take pictures of the dog. She won't be with us much longer." (But he didn't want to get the camera from his car.) "I just want to lie in bed with you." (I DON'T!)

He certainly wasn't going to be sympathetic to the predicament I put myself in. "You should never have said yes. I don't want to hear about you complaining about doing something you agreed to do."

So I said it wasn't a good time to visit and he should leave.

Fuck. At least I got to eat the tacos he left.

And you know, BC decided she wasn't going to have class this month because she needed time off, great. But she threw it all on the teaching staff, and they're falling apart. Jenny got left holding the ball because Deborah took on a full time day job with her waitressing this week and she burned out and is sick with a fever. So the one thing I wanted to do was just be a fucking student in this class... and I have be Jenny's #2. SHIT! Smile and be "on" because nobody can say no.

Holy shit, I don't think I'm learning anything at all.