Saturday, June 26, 2004

A Note to Viv

Too pooped except to pop this quickie email to my friend Vivian:

Hey you,

"you doing okay? did you resolve everything with BC. When is your trip to hawaii again? Do you want help on your movie this summer? :-D "

Thanks for checking up on me. I just got your message because I just came in from Jenny's house. She was teaching the Database Review class today (and tomorrow) because BC was out this month... and her teaching buddy, Deborah, was gonna do it with her but got strep instead. So I got called in as a ringer to help set up, calm her down, etc (not to teach! I swore I wouldn't do it)... I hadn't slept in 24 hours after the class ended at 6:00 and so I slept on her couch until 8:30 so I could be awake enough to drive home. Drive through Panda Express, eat a little, walk Yvette, feed that cat next door and I'm in the shower to and off to bed for another long day. Thank god tomorrow I don't have to haul chairs and TV trays up two flights of stairs! Boy, I'm pooped and haven't sweat like that in years.

It's not Jenny's fault because I like her a lot, but boy I'm really resenting all this bullshit. I told BC I had an email for her but if she didn't want to open it until July when she's off "recess" that was okay too -- so of course she hasn't opened it. And this morning at 5 am I had to call her because we had a semi-stupid emergency with a document... we talked to get that solved but then I handed her over to Jenny. I'm so........ tired.

Real quickly -- I've been putting off asking you... I'm going up north on Monday (day after tomorrow) until July 4 so I can finish all this crap (more crap!) for my parents anniversary -- getting favors, table coverings, etc. But most of all to finish off this slide show movie that I've written (in my head of course, I'm sure you're not shocked). It's really a lot of pictures, with music and a little narration... but I was thinking it would be neato if I could have a couple of talking heads (them and me -- I'm like a reporter trying to find out the secret of their long marriage) and I'm asking them a bunch of questions... in real life I'm asking them questions like "What's Mom favorite dish?" and Dad will probably say "Fish, we always have fish every single day" but I would cut it together where I'm asking the interview question: "What do you think has made your marriage last so long" and then cut to Dad saying, "Fish, we always have fish everyday." You know silly stuff like that. So I was gonna ask you if you wanted to come down for an afternoon and dinner so I could shoot that wrap-around stuff and shoot me and do the camera while I'm talking to Mom and Dad and then capture it on my Dad's computer (only he doesn't have a DVD burner -- is that a problem?). But then again, I didn't have the nerve to ask you because you'd say I was trying to do too much again.

Anyway, I'll ask since I already have... would you be able and willing and want to come over for a day and help with this? (with one of the Barbs' cameras of course) If not I'll understand, lemme know.

Whoosh, I need to go to bed!! Hopefully I'll get better at not sleeping like a vampire. BTW, send more details about your new loan adventure!