Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Something to smile about

Parrish and Madley
A couple of weeks ago I drove down to the Disneyland Hotel to meet my dear friend, Parrish -- a young buck I met 12 years ago when he was fresh out of college and had just moved to Los Angeles from Chicago to make it in the film/TV business.

We were inseparable friends as soon as we met, he eventually rented a room in my house, and we spent lots of $ on movies and dinners out. But alas, Chicago beckoned him home, so off he went, though he's always stayed close to his "Ate" (older sister) via phone and email.

Fortunately we could spend at least a few hours together though I cringe every time at a Disney property. He makes me of a good time in my life: my play had just been produced and I had lots of confidence, energy and verve. I also lived in a sweet house, worked as an independent contractor in a law firm (night shift even!) and was in writing and acting classes... I just felt happy then... and he reminded me (and always reminds me) of how strong and important I was to him then. It felt great to be in that space again.

Lastly, Parrish showed me pictures of his beautiful fiancée, Kay, who he's marrying in March in Bangkok. Oh I wish I could go! It's going to be quite the formal -- and fun -- weeklong event... and you know, if Love can hit a crazy bachelor like him that hard... hell, I'm SURE there's hope for me yet! ;)

Parrish, just know I'll be with you and Kay in spirit... and I'm looking forward to meeting you both here sometime soon.