Saturday, February 10, 2007


Have been waiting all day to hear the news about my Uncle Tim Medina -- Mom and Dad went with his wife to the hospital at 1:00 am this morning because he was unresponsive to her touch... They called me at 8:50 and 9:00 am this morning and EVERYONE who knows me knows I am VERY ASLEEP at that time of the morning so when I heard the phone ring, I assume it's not good news. But I couldn't reach them.

A Medina MessageUncle Tim and Auntie Li are my parents closest friends nowadays. They live about 1/4 mile from each other and have been having fun during their retirement years, gambling, travelling, playing poker. They both even played along with me to make a mini-video for my parents 45th anniversary. (Click on the photo and take a gander, they're so sweet!)

After getting a zillion busy signals, I finally reach my mom.

"It's been busy for a half an hour, Mom."

"Oh, everyone's calling because of Tim."

"So... how is he?"

"He's okay, honey. Just a mild stroke. He knows your Auntie Li's name and his sister's name, but he didn't know ours. But that's okay. He's able to get up, he's just a little confused right now. The doctor asked him how tall he was and he said 7'6" -- and of course, Auntie Li jumped in and said, "Honey, you're not a basketball player!"

Mom said they stayed with them from 1:00 to 9:00 am until some of their family could come, and when they went back to the hospital in the evening, the place was packed. Uncle Tim will be celebrating his 80th birthday this year, a few months after Mom does... lots of people are there to wish him and apparently he's going to be okay for awhile.

That's good, good news. I just didn't want to hear that another uncle had gone.

And I'm right in the middle of planning a big birthday bash for Mom's 80th on March 24... everything is just getting so "mortal" right now...

I'll write again about me and my "musical" music sometime... just feeling blue and under the weather. I've been so stressed at the amount of web work I have to do, plus music to write my head is spinning. I've got to learn how to shut it all off without eating like a horse or drinking like fish or my body is going to scream.