Thursday, February 15, 2007

One Pancake, Two Eggs and one Fried Madley

I'm so used to getting my energy up at 9:00 pm and going to bed around 6:00 or 7:00 am -- I sit at my computer and actually do creative work (music, web stuff, etc.). But today I got up early because I had a checklist of things to work on... and now at 3:35 am THIS GIRL IS FRIED.

Of course I had to get something to eat, but because I'm feeling lousy and alone and not immersed in work, it was all comfort food at the coffee shop -- did I mention the chocolate milk, the ice water for chewing and the mint I'm sucking on now? The thought of all that grosses me out and I'm hardly comforted.

Maybe I had to get over Valentine's Day... ah, The Great Debate. "My choices have been fine in life," "If I was meant to have kids, I'd already had them," "You're an artist and healer, love must mean something else to you."


I feel like hell, I'm wired beyond belief with the amount of work I've been doing (good work, not schlocky shit!) and I'm just plain lonely.