Wednesday, October 25, 2006

My Own Private Nagano

Ilia @ Nagano I finally got my jury date today for my November 28 recital, after weeks of asking for it... I knew it was coming. Today confirmed -- Halloween at 3:30 in Prof Myers office.

My nerves are shot. I can't calm myself down.

So I call for down-to-earth support... and got exactly what I needed.

"Remember Ilia at Nagano. Mental discipline. Ten days of focussing on being focussed, to push the fear out, to get rid of the nerves. Be a machine. You can do it. Focus on being focussed."

So I have my notebook. I'm focussed, because the only other choice is fear, and complete breakdown. I put this picture of him the second he finished his winning long program right at my desk/piano. Thanks, Nancy -- thanks, Kulik.