Thursday, June 22, 2006

First day of Musical School

Tonight was my first day of class at ANMT with Ross the teacher. And Joyce. And one other guy who'll be there next week. Three of us tonight, four of us after that. Can I just say I'M THRILLED?!

It's the Composers Lab and I'm feeling good because I know I have the tools. I can work a computer, including the music program, I've written for voice and orchestra, and now I just have to learn the how to thrive in the new world of musical theater and its special lingo.

The first 1/2 hour we just spent getting to know each other, and Ross rightly said he wanted me to talk about how I felt like bursting in tears. I'd said if I do start the waterworks, it's because it's been a long, circuituous route to be in that class, but give me a half an hour and then I'll be into the work.

Well, we did better than that... we all stayed an hour after class still excited to share stories and go over our material on musical notation.

First assignment: to write 32 measures of a melody that's aching to be sung by a Mandy Patinkin or... Of course I couldn't think of anyone else, but it doesn't matter who right now... I'm excited. And we have to do a lead sheet, or a whole piano vocal score if we can. Well, hell, OF COURSE I can... watch me kick ass (if I don't get on my own back.). But here's the kicker... it has to be HANDWRITTEN, in pencil and on manuscript paper.

Holy shit.

I haven't done that since my junior year at the start of the 80s... geez. I was shocked that he said that, but he said there's something to learn so I guess I will try it. After all, I did get a suggestion in 1981 that I would be great music copyist because I had a solid hand. :)

But then he said to me alone, you know, if you really want to do it on the computer and then copy it, you can do that -- just don't tell me you did it, okay? I think he knows I'm know my notation stuff, but no, I'm not gonna cheat. Unless it ends up being a five- minute piece -- then you better believe I'm using the PC! LOL

I've spent the last five days copyediting a novel and finished it just a few hours before relaxing and going to class. It was a terrific exercise for me (and nicely paying too), and now... I get to be all about me and music for awhile.

Tomorrow is the Book Lab (the script of a musical), but I have to leave early so I can read hands at a grad night at Universal from 9:30 pm to 3:00 am. WOW! This has been the busiest week I've had in months, (and yes, I'm having a bit o' trouble relaxing and sleeping), but I wouldn't have it any other way. Every move I've made, every appointment and job I've taken has been FOR MYSELF and no one else. And it's nice to take all the credit for those decisions too... though I haven't figured out yet how to balance it all, I am one heppy gel. :)