Saturday, June 10, 2006

Academy of New Musical Theater

Dear CJ, Viv, Heidi, Viv G and Claudia,

Yes, folks, that's the Academy of New Musical Theater -- and I've just returned from an afternoon and evening with them!

Can I just tell you -- I was nervous to go, I was 7 minutes late and they were just getting started with the Demonstration of their Introductory workshop... talk about resisting that what I want most! But not three minutes when the Founder and Artistic Director, John Sparks started talking about what musical theater was -- IT'S ABOUT FEELINGS, FOLKS -- okay, I'm bawling like a baby. Sob Sob Sob... and I know I've waited all my life to be here.

I didn't think there would be almost 40 people there -- so good to be in like-minded people! And of all ages and from what I could tell from the questions afterwards, all levels of experience in book writing, lyrics and composing...


There were a few short performances of how it each of the labs worked... and afterwards I met the man who will be teaching the music course... talk about a lot in common! He's gonna be a great teacher, not to mention a frickin' funny guy.

Speaking of funny guy... Kevin, Catheryn's friend, found me afterwards. I told him I knew he'd find me as was the only large, beautiful Filipino woman in the room so he couldn't miss me! hehehe We went to a good Chinese place close by, and it was very nice to have my door opened for me, etc. The (straight) man loves his musicals... and is a very pleasant fellow.

We went back to for the dress rehearsals of the four mini-musicals that will be performed on Tuesday... talk about different levels of experience.... I actually felt myself feeling relaxed. And guess what -- I wasn't the only large, beautiful Filipino woman in the room: the composer of the last musical was Filipino and had been introduced to ANMT by Kevin (who she knows from church). Interesting, eh? I said hello and even met her parents... of course the (typical) first thing out of their mouths was" "Do you speak Tagalog?" ("No, I was born here, but I understand a little" is my normal response to that, just FYI.)

So... I'm letting you know I'm in a terrific place -- and my tooth/jaw doesn't even hurt anymore! Please remind me that I had today when I'm miserable... please!

Thank you all for being there for me in this endeavor, the closest and most hidden in my heart (excluding boys/men, but that's another email :)

With smiles,