Tuesday, July 26, 2005

It's Hard Out Here for a Pimp

terrence howardIt must be time for me to make art again, as I fell into a "rags to riches" movie and I can't get my own life separate from it. [Pray tell you know however I'm not a pimp OR a 'ho. HAAHHAHA]

Hustle and Flow was terrific... everytime I thought it was going "predictable" it surprised me! I love when movies do that. Terrence Howard was THE BEST in creating this character, so subtle and earnest... he was also A#1 in Crash. And mind you he and Ludacris were both in that as well.

Roger Ebert said it all better than I:

What we see in the "Hustle & Flow" is rarely seen in the movies: the redemptive power of art. Djay is transformed when he finds something he loves doing and is getting better at. To create something out of your own mind and talent and see that it is good.

There's a scene in the church with the most pure, simplest moments of music and emotion... I'm so glad I witnessed it...

And can I just say, that three of my most exciting movies lately have been made by writer-director combos?! Andrew Wagner (The Talent Given Us), Paul Haggis (Crash) and now Craig Brewer (who is... yes... white), not to mention the doc Mad Hot Ballroom. I can't bear to try the "summer blockbusters" out there... "auteur" is where I'm going.

I promise.