Saturday, July 23, 2005

I Wanna Be a Soap Star

soapstar castAh, the guilty pleasure! For not having a working television, I sure watch a lot of TV... video on demand and I get to see whole episodes only 24 hours after actual airing...

I love this show! I like to watch struggling actors, trying to be real on screen and real in their lives when they're under a microscope... oh, another road not taken...

[For the record, I'm betting on Alec or Prudence. They both have the "look," have a worldly, mature sense about them, and are terrific actors and good people.]

Went to the store after what seems like 30 million naps... got tons to drink. Ginger ale, tea, juice. I'm gonna wipe this damn cold out quick, I hate being sick.

But can I just say -- I am so glad I live where I live. In L.A. In a town full of singles like me. Because everyone was in the grocery store shopping after 11, only buying one or two bags worth of stuff. So contrary to what I grew up, when mom would go to the (military) Commissary and we'd have to spend what felt like HOURS in there pushing two filled-to-the-brim carts, then coming home and folding paper bags all day. Blech!

I've always told my friends with kids... I don't know how you do it, planning meals and being responsible for the nutritional health of growing children (and of course, you and your spouse). I'm just happy I remembered to take the dairy enzymes before I had my feel good when you sick food of Ben and Jerry's Marshmallow something-or-other.

I guess I just don't have that grocery gene. Maybe next life.