Tuesday, October 21, 2008

BakitWhy.com Announces Newest Beta Launch

BakitWhy.com Announces Newest Beta Launch Designed for the Everyday Pilipino-American Internet User

Oct. 16, 2008 – Los Angeles, CA – A one week "BlackOut", from October 16–23, will make way for a newly redesigned online community, providing up-to-date and user-friendly functions that will help foster a fresh generation of social media users. A seven-day micro site will be in place during this exciting transition. The new BakitWhy.com site will offer features such as easy functionality, a national events calendar, as well as video spotlights on up-and-coming artists. The new Beta version of BakitWhy.com will continue to dedicate itself in helping to facilitate the everyday Pilipino-American identity, no matter what region or generation.

Known as a progressive advocate, information resource, and a place of discovery for and about the Pilipino-American community, BakitWhy.com will offer users material that cannot be read out of a textbook. Rather, shared personal experiences from a diverse transnational team will provide consistent and engaging content as well as help create a web presence for Pilipino-Americans. BakitWhy.com will be a premiere web destination; mentioned and associated with Pilipino-American communities both online and offline.

When the Alpha version of the site launched in the spring of 2008, BakitWhy.com developed its product to be structured as a content provider that evolved out of a mere blog. Spaces for conversation and debate, a place for community organizations, businesses, leaders, and organizers to effectively communicate events and campaigns will all be inclusive parts of the new Beta version of BakitWhy.com. With the assistance of video bloggers, or "vloggers," the utilization of numerous multimedia outlets will seek to diversify and promote a more user-generated product. This aims to help viewers feel more actively involved with their community online by creating a bridge that connects 3000 miles with one click.

During Pilipino American Heritage Month (PAHM), the Filipino American Library (FAL) named BakitWhy.com "Organization of the Month." Also, after only four months since its inception, BakitWhy.com served as one of the major media sponsors for FPAC, the largest presenter of Philippine arts and culture in Southern California. Pilipina-American blogger Jillian Fortin writes, "While there is a call for awareness and appreciation for our history, BakitWhy also reminds us that similarly, we must be cognizant of the inevitable growth that lies in the present and very near future. They've far surpassed any Asian-American centered viral site. They attempted to bring cultural awareness back down to earth, past the AzN hYpE, with the tones that have enabled Filipino-American traditions and stories to withstand the tests of time…the focus on what really matters."

With such feedback, BakitWhy.com will continue to focus its efforts in providing content that seeks to create engaging conversation, while honoring the Philippine heritage. More importantly, BakitWhy.com aims to help influence a more positive representation of the different lifestyles of Pilipino-Americans that the mainstream media has often lacked to provide. For more information, please visit www.BakitWhy.com.

Kathlyn A. Amidar, Director of Public Relations
Kasama Media, LLC
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