Monday, December 18, 2006

December, Christmas Eve

When I was a little very little (2? 3?) my godmother, Tita Sol, told me I used to stand in front of the TV pretending to conduct music, right there along with Mitch Miller. She loved that... she even taught me my first song, "More" -- that standard by Frank Sinatra! No nursery rhymes for me, in any language, I had to have the "real stuff"... Little did I know I would be so involved in music growing up (high school), and so crappy as a conductor in college (the first time around), and then be back to it again later in life. I obviously lost the cojones I had when I was this little girl's age. Oh, where is she now?! (Me, not her.)

I just found out my other godfather, Tito Tony, died last Thursday, so I'm going to San Diego and meeting my family to attend all the... everythings. So, so sad... he will be missed. Christmas this year is already bittersweet.