Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Salina the Psychic

The bad thing about not booking yourself with solid appointments, concerts, parties and meetings is that one day you actually land at home with your FEELINGS.

And I was feeling OUT OF MY MIND and JUMPING OUT OF MY SKIN today. After sleeping in (finally!) and feeling great because of the workout the day before... I couldn't get out of my own crappy thinking: yes, of course, about Uranian, what, did you think I was obsessed about anything else?!

So I yanked $20 out of the ATM and went to the Psychic Eye bookstore down the street for 15 minute Tarot reading.

As I was shuffling the cards, I mumbled something about the cards being hard... she cut me off and made me concentrate on Uranian... and she did an 11-card spread.

"You're already good friends, aren't you? There's already a structure there that you're wanting to bust out of... but you're not being honest about it. But this isn't bad news... you're just proceeding the wrong way right now, and the timing's off..."

Hmm. I felt like I needed to ask for action.

"Let's do a pyramid," she said. Once the cards were out, again, she says I'm proceeding mistakenly. The Moon card comes up: "You have to use smoke and mirrors, be sneaky... you have to find out if he could be interested you... because if you ask him straight out, you won't get the right answer." Okay. Sneaky. I can do that!

I went for a drive after that and felt better. amazing how one consultation with another human being completely beats all the free or readings in the world. And IntuitViv... she's got my number too.

Lay low.