Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Google Images

I stole this from Osbasso, who stole it from the lovely Ago-go, who stole.....

Go to Google and click on the images link. Type in the following and post the first (or your favorite) picture the search engine finds.

- The name of the town where you grew up
- The name of the town where you live now
- Your name
- Your Grandmother’s name (pick one)
- Your favorite food
- Your favorite drink
- Your favorite song
- Your favorite smell

The name of the town where you grew up:
Newark, CA

It's up in the Bay Area, "The Capital of Fremont"

The name of the town where you live now:
Burbank, CA
This photo probably has to do with the Burbank airport (now known as "Bob Hope Airport")

Your name:
There's a little town in England called Madley that hosts a big satellite linkup... I have to visit someday!

Your Grandmother’s name (pick one):
Nieves (Mom's mom, which means "snow")

I looked up Dad's mom too, Purissima -- I didn't know there was a tulip with that name, so beautiful.

Your favorite food:
Steak -- no big surprise!
(Apparently other carnivores have used this photo too...where's dinner?)

Cranraspberry drink
Your Favorite Drink:
Cranraspberry drink (one of many)

Ended up getting this cute photo of cranraspberry taffy... doesn't that look delicious?

A House is Not A Home
Your Favorite Song:
"A House is Not A Home"

This was the very first image -- I even bypassed pictures of Ilia skating to the song.

Your Favorite Smell:

I want to inhale it into my very pores. (Nightblooming jasmine will do in a pinch. :)