Sunday, August 22, 2004

"Go to church today."

That's the message I got from Mom today on my cell phone. I checked at lunchbreak 1:15 pm and heard, "This is your Mom. I'm leaving a message. Go to church today." Click.

Either my voice mail cut her off or, more than likely, she fooled with her cell phone again and accidently cut herself off. She doesn't usually hang up abruptly like that, but that's what I got left with the rest of the day.

"Go to church today." Because it's Sunday. Because my flight back to LA next Sunday is at 12:35 and I won't get a chance to go to church then. NEXT Sunday. Yes, they figured this out last week, three weeks ahead of time.

I would scream, but I haven't got it in me anymore, and hand (analysis) class was absolutely bone-crushingly exhausting this weekend. I discovered that my fire hand shape absolutely rules my environment -- my water heart line ONLY affects how I relate to people IN it. Wow. All of a sudden I had energy today -- fire energy burning that extra fuel -- and went up tons of stairs and took walks at all the breaks. How good did THAT feel? Incredible.

And now I'm too pooped to pop. I'm gonna eat a bit and go to the bookstore away from this computer and finish what I can of Wil's book (sorry, haven't bought it yet). I can't wait... and then a delicious night of well-deserved Venusian rest.